Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Port Isaac and Boscastle

Before I actually get into this post, I just wanted to let you all know that I'm changing the way I reply to comments.

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Right. So onto the actual post!

On Sunday, Mama and I decided to take a little afternoon trip. The weather was far too nice to just laze around at home (as lovely as that is), so we covered ourselves in suncream, jumped into the car, and headed in the direction of Cornwall.

We originally intended to head to Padstow- we both love it there, but I was a little apprehensive given how ridiculously busy it can get sometimes. We're talking nearly getting pushed into the harbour here. But as soon as we hit the Atlantic Highway (the nickname for the A39), we saw a sign for Port Isaac and Boscastle and changed our minds.

Both are such pretty little places. I was a little disappointed by Port Isaac- it was far tinier than I expected- but was still so lovely to potter around. We grabbed lunch in an old school building, on tables covered with blue and white gingham tableclothes and the occasional dive bombing seagull.

After lunch, we jumped back in the car and drove down the road (or up the road... there were hills involved) to Boscastle, which you may well have heard of.

Boscastle is famous for all of the wrong reasons. The flash flooding in 2004 completely devastated the pretty village, but 9 years on and it's hard to see a sign of the devastation. We popped into the visitors centre to learn more about the incident- over 100 cars were washed through the village, but miraculously there were no fatalities- and grabbed an ice cream to munch whilst pottering.

I'd certainly recommend popping into these two little villages if you're on the North Cornwall coast- they are your stereotypically charming Cornish villages. 


  1. Oh my stars how pretty! I've never been to cornwall but I'm dying to go! It's just quite a long drive not sure I'm up to that haha! x

  2. Lovely photos, I'm from Cornwall and still have family there so whenever I go we never seem to actually go exploring...seeing posts like this means I definitely will in the future!

  3. it always amazes me how many beautiful places there are in the uk. i've never been on holiday abroad and always ended up finding myself holiday-ing in beautiful places around scotland, england and wales.

    whats more amazing is that when there is a little bit of sun, everything looks so much more amazing.

  4. These photos are absolutely gorgeous, and just make me want to go to the UK that much more!
    I'm glad you had such a great time :)
    <3 Kiersten

  5. So pretty! I need to get my bum to the UK some point soon to see all of these places. I need to start making a list of places from all the blogs that I read :)


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