Wednesday, 10 July 2013

On A Sunny Day...

It's beautiful weather here in the south west again today.

Seriously, we've been very spoilt since I returned from Thailand (I promise those pictures will be up soon!). Which is absolutely amazing, in many ways- for instance, I've barely eaten inside, I can sunbathe on my lunchbreak, I've eaten more ice cream in a week than I did in the past year....

But there are a couple of distinct disadvantages to this too. The main one being TOURISTS.

Now don't get me wrong- I know that in my area, tourism is hugely important for the local economy. They come in their drives, buy lots of ice cream and cream teas, and generally have a lovely jolly time.

And if you are planning on being one of these tourists in the near future, WELCOME. Come on down, enjoy our beautiful countryside, gorgeous beaches, and great food. But I have a few requests:

1. PLEASE learn the width of your car before you leave home. Honestly, you aren't as wide as you think, and two cars will fit down that country lane.

2. If you really aren't confident in this, please learn to reverse. Your car does have a reverse gear, it will go backwards- there's a wide bit just behind you. Saves the locals having to reverse half a mile because you're being stubborn.

3. Most importantly- I appreciate that the views on the moor are beautiful, and going for a leisurely drive is a wonderful way to enjoy this. But please- do NOT drive at half the speed limit at 7:15am when people are trying to get to work, and please pull in wherever possible to let the locals zoom past without hitting the Dartmoor pony on the other side of the road. You probably wanted a picture of it.

Happy hump day everyone! Nearly the weekend now.


  1. Haha! I can always tell people who don't live round here. Locals will pull their trucks into the field and just motor on while other people will convince themselves they are actually in a bus! xx

  2. Lol, it so silly how tourists get about travelling. Loved the rant though, made me laugh x

  3. Being a Cornish girl I completely get where you're coming from...what I also don't get is when people go to the beach and take shade tents, wind breaks, parasols, deck chairs, tables, bat & ball, body boards, wetsuits, football, frisbee etc etc...All you need is a towel and your Factor me!!

  4. Ha we have plenty tourists here, as soon as the weather turns nice they all flood the beach, I have to schedule my walks/runs much earlier to avoid them all, grr! Gotta love the ones that can't drive too... :)


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