Thursday, 18 July 2013

Mundane Midweek

Oh it feels like AGES since I've joined in with this!

In case you don't know, the lovely Charlotte, of Charlotte's Web (who happens to not be a spider) set up the "Mundane Midweek posts a little while back. The idea is, you write about your normal boring day- because let's be honest, reading lots of perfect life posts can be pretty, well, boring. 

Sunshine makes getting out of bed far easier
Yesterday didn't start particularly brilliantly. I stood on the scales, looked at the number, and was vastly unhappy with what I saw. So after dressing in something which normally makes me feel good, I stomped downstairs for porridge and a banana in the hope that it would stop me snacking mid-morning.

For the first time ever I didn't hit any traffic on my way to work. I did have to stop for a cow, but that's standard practice really. I got to the office exactly an hour after leaving home (very impressive, believe me), to find my favourite colleagues about to head to Waitrose for a free coffee, so I joined them so I didn't have to make a cup of tea. I managed to resist the patisserie aisle too.

After that, work became really rather busy. I had one boss on the end of the phone telling me "You really have to get this to him today, we're running out of time a bit here" (we aren't, but I didn't tell her that), and another boss in the office telling me to do what he was asking me "right this second". When he asked me in the afternoon whether it was annoying that he kept appearing at my shoulder and telling me to do things immediately, I told him that I was supposed to be doing something else- to which he responded "well, I outrank her, so do this". I told him that he can explain why I missed my other deadline.

After a lunchbreak in the sun, a colleague bought everyone ice creams in response to me asking him to (as a joke!) the day before. He made a lot of friends that afternoon. 

When I got home, I decided that it would be clever to go for a 5km run. While I may have only run 12 minute miles, my defence is that it was bloody boiling, and I did better than everyone who was lying in the garden doing ice cream. And I have a tomato face as a reward, because I forgot to put suncream on. And then I played on the blog's new Pinterest page.

How's your week then?


  1. Love reading these posts :) I keep meaning to write one but when my days are a bit normal I really forget what I've been doing! Must try harder haha! X

  2. I keep on having really exciting midweeks and not being able to do this posts! Good on yu for going for a run in the heat, though! Sorry you got a red face as your reward for being good :( xx

  3. I love playing on Pinterest. You can waste away a good few hours on that site! :) x

  4. Haha! This is a brilliant idea! I might try this out next week :)
    I'm gonna go find you on Pinterest now xx

  5. Equally mundane. I failed a blood test :( I dropped my phone and shattered the screen.. we are moving in a few weeks and I have barely started packing, my husband is gone for 4 days.. weekend included on some lame non mandatory seminar he got roped into..

  6. My midweek was, for once, not so mundane. But I love reading these kind of posts because I realize I'm not alone in my "mundane" work days. :)


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