Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Free Food

Now that title got your attention, didn't it?

Recently, I've been trying to eat much more healthily than before. I've always had a pretty good diet, but getting bored during the day and sitting about a meter from the biscuit tin at work has led to some pretty poor food choices.

Back in my first year at university, a whole group of us started to get Graze boxes (who, by the way, haven't asked me to write this). If you don't know, if you sign up for Graze boxes you get lots of healthy snacks in the post. Let's be honest- having food delivered to your door is always great fun, but more often than not it's pretty bad for you. Pizza, Chinese food... it's all a bit rubbish isn't it?

So Graze came massively in handy when I couldn't be bothered to shop, but needed easy, healthy snacks to take to the library with me. And now I'm working, and like post more than any normal person does, I decided to start getting the boxes again.

Basically, you sign up with your email address, and have a big hunt through their list of yummy snacks, ticking whether you love, like, want to try, or want to bin the snacks. The people at Graze then have a look through your choices and send you a box of four snacks either once a week or once a fortnight (it's your choice) based on what you've said you like, love, or want to try. All of the snacks have a health benefit- either they are low calorie, one of your five a day, are high in fibre, yadda yadda yadda. OK, some of them are high in sugar, and some involve chocolate, but everything in moderation, right?

I have never been disappointed in a Graze box. It's also massively fun to have a surprise parcel of snacks delivered to you. This week, I got popcorn, some little breadsticks and dip, "White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake" (dried fruit, white chocolate, and nuts), and "Apple Cosmo", which was a mix of dried fruit. The popcorn was an amazing post-work snack, and this morning I put the apple cosmo bits into my porridge. 

Honestly, I can't rave enough about Graze boxes. At £3.89 a box, they might be a bit expensive, but they are SO convenient- it's so easy to just grab a box and chuck it in your bag for later. And OK, I'm trying not to snack as much at the moment. But it's better to snack on healthy things rather than biscuits.

If you want a free box of food- and you can literally cancel straight after the free one, unlike a lot of other "free" things- you can sign up here- and if you use the code 78ZXBDY you can get a box for FREEEE! An in return for telling you, I get one half price. Everyone's a winner!!

As I said- Graze have nothing to do with me writing this post. I just like them.

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  1. I love Graze but cancelled my sub with them because I think the novelty had worn off! The pop corn looks good, I am going to see what's new and I might sign up again (if only for the popcorn!). The flapjacks were my favourite x


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