Thursday, 25 July 2013

Bucket Listing

I've actually somewhat gone off tag posts in the last little while, but then Rebecca tagged me in one of the latest Money Supermarket competitions, and I just couldn't say no.

This one is all about your Bucket List- the things you'd love to do before you "kick the bucket", in less than sentimental terms. Basically, everyone involved writes about two things they'd love to tick off their bucket list- one budget item, and one more extravagant one. You can read the full rules here

I've got a pretty constant list in my head of the things I'd like to do in the time I have left. As the song goes "there's more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done". But like most people, I can be pretty poor at actually doing them- always deciding I haven't got the time, or it's too expensive, or a bit of a silly thing to do. But this has really got me thinking about two of them.

with good friends
From here
So first up, my budget bucket list entry would be host a dinner party for all of my lovely university friends. OK- so this may not be completely budget (food and vino costs a fair bit these days), but in comparison to a lot of the other things I want to do, it's a smaller one. We used to do supper all together a lot at uni- and I really miss just chilling out with them all over some good food and wine. We'd sit in the garden with fairy lights and citronella candles dotted around, eat boeuf bourgignon and moelleux au chocolat, and generally catch up. The only thing stopping this at the moment is the fact that we're all scattered to the winds a bit these days, and getting everyone in the same place at the same time is pretty tricky, but it would be so amazing to get everyone together again. Soon, promise!

Paris ~ Patisserie
This is the dream. From here
I actually had a much easier time thinking up something expensive on my bucket list. Typical Alice (I'm known at home for my slightly expensive taste. I'm not that bad though, promise!).
If money were no object, without a doubt the first thing I would do would be to enrol in patisserie school in France. Either Le Cordon Bleu or Ferrandi. I'd live in Paris, cycle around on a bicycle pretending to be Rachel Khoo, improve my French, and just generally love life. Seriously- this is the only thing in my mind when I play the lottery (which I only do when there's a super ridiculous jackpot on the Euromillions- is it just me that does that?). So yes- the only thing stopping me from doing this at the moment is funds. Boo, money sucks doesn't it!?

It probably says a lot about me that both of these relate to food, doesn't it?

I'm tagging JennyLeona, and Annie, but quick- the competition closes on 3rd August!


  1. Ahh I love your items, and so glad you chose to pick the tag up hun :) If you ever get to Paris can I come for tea? :D xx

  2. Both great wishes! And love the pictures you chose for them!


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