Saturday, 15 June 2013

What I'm Eating

Have I mentioned before how nosy I am?

I really am. I love blogging for this- I get to nose into the lives of others, have a think about it, judge quietly if I want to (I promise I don't do this very often!!), and go "HEY ME TOO!" quite a lot.

Despite that, I do sometimes feel weird about certain posts that I do. For example, I'm a bit nervous about this one.

I know people have always been kind when I've posted really personal stuff before (the response to this post was phenomenal, and still overwhelms me a little), and this is nowhere near as personal as that. I don't really actually know why I'm posting about what I'm eating- I feel horrendously self conscious about what I eat most of the time, so putting it out there on t'interwebs feels very scary. Maybe that's why I'm doing it- to stop me from being scared of it?

Logically, I know I eat pretty sensibly. I like food, and tend to live by the motto "everything in moderation- including moderation". But I still feel weird about what I eat- so maybe that's why I'm doing this- for some sort of verification? I don't know. Don't feel you have to verify what I'm eating though.

But anyways. I like knowing the sorts of things that other people are eating- if nothing else, it gives me inspiration. So if you're feeling nosy, here is what I ate on Thursday 13th June. No mean judgement please, it's not necessary.

Scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast, with mushrooms and spring onions. Generally speaking, I'm not a savoury breakfast person. I love fruit, cereal, porridge, yoghurt, and would probably eat any of them all day every day. But because of the day I had planned, a savoury breakfast seemed like a sensible idea.

A Tim Tam. My senior manager is Australian, and has deliveries of Australian foodstuffs every now and then. She'd promised us that she'd bring us some Tim Tams next time she got a delivery, and like any good manager, she stuck to her word. The entire packet vanished in about 15 minutes flat. But remember- these are not Penguins!!

2 satsumas. Because I have an obsession with getting my five-a-day every day. This was actually number three, after a glass of juice with my mushroom-y breakfast. These were probably totally unnecessary, but if you're going to snack unnecessarily, fruit isn't exactly a terrible idea, is it?!

A few of these olives- my senior manager was treating us on Thursday- she'd brought these in too, having marinated them herself- and they were so good!! Even if she did add MSG to them (I stopped after she told me that...)

Alpen porridge- this was lunch, as I didn't take a lunch break on Thursday- it was quick and easy, given that I don't have access to a microwave at work.I was REALLY dissapointed by it- I love porridge normally, when I make it from scratch at home, but this was just a bit too sweet for me.

A couple of cookies when I got back from the doctors. Because who doesn't need a pick me up after being stabbed in the arm?

Grapes- again, because I was feeling slightly peckish and because I force myself to get my 5-a-day every day.

French bread bruschetta-pizza- a staple fall-back in my house. Excuse the burnt bits...

Supper (above) was a particularly weird one for me. By the time supper time came around, I knew that I would be posting this, and didn't have anything planned to eat. So when I went to the shops, I thought so carefully about what I was buying so I wouldn't feel bad about it here. Meg wrote an amazing piece on this recently too- and if you don't already read her blog, you should because she's amazing and I love her and her writing. But I felt OK about this, as despite the bread and mozzarella, I packed that ratatouille sauce with veggies.

So yeah. To be honest, this is actually quite representative of what I generally- though normally breakfast and lunch might normally have been the other way around, and it is very rare for me to eat bread twice in a day- I can easily go a week without bread. It feels like I've eaten a LOT, but I'm not convinced that anything I ate was that bad for me, despite this?

 Clearly, I eat a pretty high sugar diet- mostly from the fruit, but also from the fact that I will eat something sweet/ chocolatey/ "naughty" pretty much every day without fail. I couldn't do a no-sugar diet- I genuinely couldn't. Why would people do that to themselves?! (Unless you're diabetic, Then knock yourself out on the no-sugar thing)

So yes. That's what I'm eating. Please don't judge me too much.


  1. I love posts like this and all your food looks really delicious! hope you'll be doing this more often, I love nosy posts and especially when they're food related :)


  2. Next time you have a Tim Tam - bite off a small corner at each end, diagonally opposite each other. Dunk one end in your tea and suck the other.

    You can thank me later xx

  3. You eat extremely healthy in my eyes. I get the kids to make mini pizzas on pitta breads and just grill them as it's just something easy to do and then they get to do a bit of cooking too. I love foodie posts. I'm always nosey with what people eat x

  4. WoW! I actually wanted to eat looking at those photos! Everything seems so delicious! And as for high-sugar diet, I am really the same kind of person as you are in that department! Can not live without a little bit of sweet things!!!!!
    P.S.Very glad I found your blog, it`s so interesting!!!!

  5. Never feel guilty about what you eat missy. Plus all this looks fricking amazing!! I should do this. You would be amazed, appalled, possibly slightly in awe of the amount of junk I can put away in a day :D

    Jen | sunny sweet pea xx

  6. Why would anyone judge you....based on this one day, you have a great diet!

    Rachel x


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