Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Things At Which I Am Terrible...

After seeing a post similar to this on Leona's wonderful blog, I decided that pointing my flaws out on the internet was a good idea. Just in case you thought I was too perfect or something (HA. Seriously, where did you get that idea?!)

So yes- if you would like to know some things I am rubbish at, including some blogger apologies, keep scrolling....

I think this is true of most of us. Image from here

... meeting up with the aforementioned Leona. (Because I know she will appreciate this.) Leona and I live in the same city. We have known this fact since ooh, March!? We have still not managed to 

... emailing Meg. MEG I AM SORRY. We have been trying to arrange a secret baking-related project (sounds fancy this way, doesn't it?!) which I have scuppered constantly by my inability to respond to an email from her. I love her really though, and I am so excited by the prospect of it. If you are a very keen baker, who potentially would like to be involved, ping me an email? (My email address is in the "Contact Me" bit at the top) I promise I'll respond to Meg first though.

... watching films. Oh my god, I am horrific at this. I still haven't seen any of the following recent films: The Hobbit, Skyfall, The Dark Knight Rises, The Great Gatsby, Silver Linings Playbook. And don't even get me started on "classics". I haven't seen Dirty Dancing, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, or Forest Gump.
I have however seen The Holiday at least six times. 

... being "put together". Every time I make a good go of it, by wearing a blazer, or a pair of heels, I do something ridiculous like forget to put mascara on one eye. (This actually happened. I was mortified when I realised at 4:40pm. 25 people on my facebook found it hilarious though).

...not being a pedant for good grammar. Hence the phrasing of the title. I'm not even sorry.

... admitting I'm wrong. Unfortunately, I do have a tendency to struggle to admit when I'm wrong. It is a terrible habit, and I am trying harder to let things go, and not always cause an argument over the little things.

... reading music. I have grade 6 on the piano, at one point could play to grade 8 standard, and I can't read music to save my life. For instance- in the feedback for my grade 6 exam, the examiner wrote "such a shame she was having a bad day with her sight reading!". It was the best sight reading I'd done ever.

Ahh I feel so much better now I've got all of that off my chest! What are some things you're bad at?


  1. Ah I loved this! I'm pretty awful with my make-up too. I once used a green primer that claimed to reduce redness, but I didn't blend it in properly and realised I was walking round with a green glow all day... xx

    1. I've had this before with some sort of cover stick! I really don't understand how the green counter acts the redness? x x

  2. I wouldn't worry too much about not seeing silver linings play book, it wasn't even worth me watching the whole thing.. boring!

  3. The Holiday is such an amazing film - I think everyone's seen it at least six times! It's definitely one of those films that you can't just watch once or twice. I've watched it soooo much and honestly still enjoy it as much as the first time I saw it at the cinema :)

    Your comment about being put together really made me laugh! Did you really go out with just one eye done?! I'm guilty of dabbing concealer on and forgetting to blend all of it in before I leave the house :S

  4. I once got over enthusiastic with eyelash curlers and managed to pluck the entire top set of eyelashes before going out one night...its surprisingly easy to notice someone with no eyelashes on one eye even without mascara - never used curlers since!!

  5. The movie thing made me laugh, because I'm GREAT at seeing the newest rom. com. or whatever is in theaters (although I'm STILL working on seeing The Great Gatsby...), but I've never seen any of those movies you listed (except Forrest Gump, I've seen that).
    And as for the dressing up can forget that. I don't know how I'm going to work in an office one day when I can't manage to walk in heels. At all.
    Hope you're having fun on vacation!
    <3 Kiersten

  6. I am the worst at watching films! I haven't watched any of those new(ish) films you mentioned. YOU HAVE TO WATCH FOREST GUMP BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME!!x

  7. I'm terrible at watching films too! I just don't enjoy them all that much, I've not got the attention span if I'm honest! I'm also terrible at being the first to NEVER happens ;)


  8. I have always wanted to be one of those perfectly put together girls but I always fail miserably. I just can't get it right.

  9. Not sure which of those films to tell you off for not watching first!

    I'm obviously terrible at a 'few' things but strangely I will always remember being AWWWWFUL at...high jump. Ha. Like, spectacularly bad. Like, horse trying to jump through a ring of fire bad. It's honestly a miracle that I can even jump over wires trailing across the floor really x

  10. I love this. Who says the Holiday isn't a classic *shifty eyes*. I am amazingly terrible at sack races, I cannot jump while in a bag to save my life. Thankfully I don't subject myself to those anymore either.

    I also am terrible at hearing music and being able to play it back. Give me sight music any day ;)

  11. haha i'm so bad at films too! i have a friend who is a proper film buff and i swear every conversation is like "do you remember the bit in so and so film" or naming an actor or something and i'm always like no, i don't know it. i'm absolutely terrible at my lefts and rights, it's part of the reason i still can't drive haha! x


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