Friday, 14 June 2013

The Not-So Secret Life of Betsy

Warning- if you hate cats, you will not like this post.

Did anyone else see the Secret Life of Cats program last night? For a mad cat lady like myself, it was so interesting. I have absolutely no idea what my cat, Betsy, gets up to outside of the house.

Inside the house though, I have a pretty good idea.

She sleeps. A LOT. And actually, turns out she sleeps a lot outside too....

Also, I'd like to point out that while she is pretty fat, the vet says she is perfectly healthy. And we've put her on a diet, so fingers crossed she'll get back to normal cat size at some point. 
(Though her fatness does make her so adorable, right?!)

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. The sentence at the start of this post should have said "if you don't like cats then you should re-evaluate your life" because CATS ARE AWESOME.

    Betsy is adorable :) x

    1. haha i agree with leona! your cat is amazing, chubby cats are always more cute and if she's healthy then that's just great. a friend told me about that programme, i'll definitely have to check it out! i fear if my cat was on it though it would just be her fighting haha x

  2. I love cats, and therefore this post was perfect!
    <3 Kiersten

  3. Lovely kitty. Aw I so want to see that programme! Alas, I am on holiday! Definitely going to catch up with it on I Player though...saw some clips and it looked awesome.

    I'd love it if they attached one of those cameras to my dog Jimmy Chew. It'd basically be fifteen hours of my face and occasionally the front door.

    Cocktails and Caroline

  4. Cats have it all. My other half's mum always says "Want the best seat in the house? Move the cat". I'm afraid her cat though has put me off cats for life, I'm a guinea pig person. Though every picture with a cat that says "If I fitz, I sitz" has me in stiches x

  5. Wide cat is wiiiide, but yes it definitely adds to her adorableness! I can't help but look at my cat differently after the Secret Life program! Did you see the second show for it? Where they did an experiment to see how much cats 'love' humans? I was laughing the whole time, we really are just their slaves! x

  6. I watched that programme on catch-up today and it was so good! Really miss my cats when I'm away at uni. So weird to think they're just off and about doing their thing without us having any idea what they're up to! And Betsy is clearly loving being in front of the camera!


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