Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Laura Ashley Room Refresh

I really love interior design. I wouldn't say I'm a proper aficionado- I don't buy home magazines, or spend all my money on bits and pieces for the house (particularly given that I'm still living at home)- but I do have lots of Pinterest boards full of house ideas, and I love wandering through the home sections of department stores. Seriously, some days I prefer it to looking at clothes (a Le Creuset will never be too tight, after all...).

So when I was told about the Laura Ashley room refresh, I instantly loved the idea. The competition is being hosted by Annie at The Tales of Annie Bean, and the prize is a £1000 Laura Ashley gift card to help refresh your room.

Er, yes please!

Before I came home from university last year, my mum painted my room for me. Before, it was a ridiculously bright shade of yellow- think the colour of the skin of a honeydew melon. Yeah. Now, it looks something like this:

If you look hard enough, you can spot me sitting on the windowsill to take this picture...!
I'm actually a little bit embarassed by this picture but to be honest, it's what my room looks like most of the time. Clothes everywhere, bed made but messy, and a lack of any real character. I mean, I have a bit of a red-and-white theme going on, but there isn't really anything which screams "this is me".

I'm not going to go for a massive overhaul in my choices- I actually do like my furniture- but these are the things I would personally pick to refresh my rather boring bedroom for Spring...

I've decided to go for a sort of neutral-and-duck-egg theme for my room, but mix the patterns a bit- personally, I think that's a great way of getting some real personality into a room. Everything being overly matchy-matchy just looks forced, and too perfect, which I'm not a huge fan of. But I think the fact that I've predominantly stuck to a stripes-and-floral theme, and in very similar colours, helps hold the whole thing together.

My inspiration for the whole look was actually the fabric in the middle of the top row- isn't it so pretty? And I'm actually making a patchwork quilt at the moment, and some of the fabric is very similar to that, so that would hopefully match in a cool clashy way (as patchwork quilts are apt to do).

Once I'd picked the fabric for the curtains, my other choices were pretty simple.

I am dying to have an armchair in my bedroom. I am a huge book fiend, and could spend hours curled up in that chair with a good book, preferably under the throw too. I'd dress my bed with that beautiful bedding (which has a slight stripe through it, which my smaller image doesn't really show), and chuck lots of comfy cushions on top of it, including the two gorgeous ones I've shown here- I think they would look pretty cool together.

Finally, I think little details like a pretty lamp shade and a gorgeous mirror would just complete the room perfectly.

To be honest, I picked all these things with a "money is no object" mentality- I'm pretty certain that I've gone over the £1000 prize fund, so I probably won't end up with all of these- but even a few bits and pieces would be perfect, and make my bedroom look so much fresher and more spring like.

What do you think of my choices- are they the sort of thing you'd go for? 


  1. I love your choices so much! I really need to re-do my room too. Since moving house, I just haven't bothered with it yet because I know it's going to be costly. Don't be embarrassed about your room - at least your clothes are piled up on a made bed, unlike mine! haha xx

    1. Thanks Sunae! It's true, a makeover can be so expensive. That's why I like my neutral walls, just some different bedding and curtains and it's transformed!! xx

  2. This competition excites me more than anything with clothes for prizes! I love the bits you've picked out - the colours are so pretty :)

    1. Me too- and far more than make up competitions!! I love those colours too, even if I don't win I think I'll be finding some duck egg bits and bobs! xx

  3. Love it Alice! You like simplicity and duck egg like me! :) Bella x

    1. Simplicity and duck egg are a BRILLIANT combination. Great minds haha! xx


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