Sunday, 16 June 2013

On Father's Day

I know there will be thousands of posts like this in blog land today, but here is my ode to mon père. I don't think I talk about him a lot on here- but he really is important to me.

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Some of my favourite childhood memories involve my father. I remember putting What's the Story (Morning Glory) on the hi-fi at full blast, and screaming along at the top of my lungs with him. I remember dancing on his feet in the kitchen. I remember being stood on top of the dining room table, dancing with him, whole my mum played the piano for us.

Despite the fact that my parents have been divorced since I was 11, I have remained pretty close to Papatron. While he drives me up the wall on a regular basis, I have always known that I (and my siblings) mean the world to him. 

He likes spoiling me on the quiet, which is pretty hilarious. He likes secrets- he'll tell me something, and say "but let's keep this between us". At one point, this was stressful, but now I find it funny. I like having a little secret between the two of us.

He clearly loves all five of his children enormous amounts. He'd do anything for us, and do anything to have us nearby, I think- when my brother went to Australia for a year, he was more worried than anyone that he wouldn't come back. He used to pop in and see me every now and then when I was at uni, and treat me to lunch. Even now, he'll just phone up and take me for coffee with my little sister- which is one of my absolute favourite things to do. 

It's also pretty hard not to love a man who in the last month has unwillingly Morris danced outside of the local pub, spent hours playing on a slip-n-slide, and told you he'll send you home if you don't bring the scones you've promised him today. (I hope he's joking about the last one. I'll take them just in case)

Obviously, he isn't perfect. His terrible habit of dropping bombshells on me when we were on long car journeys made getting into a car with him a very stressful experience for a while (though in his defence he often did it as he drove me to a kung fu class where I could legitimately punch him), but he's stopped doing this now. Bombshells do not get dropped full stop anymore. We've really had our ups and downs- and sometimes, he has really hurt me. But we're good now. Everything is in a good place now, and this makes me incredibly happy.

I think mum's get a lot of obvious internet love. Dads often don't. And while mine isn't perfect- he's pretty great to me and my siblings.

Happy Father's Day Papa CupAndSaucer. I'd never tell you all of this in person, but I think you're pretty awesome.


  1. Ahh Alice, love this post! So many of my friends' parents are divorced now and some of them have rocky relationships with their Dad's but its wonderful that you adore your Dad nevertheless. They're so important!! I hope you have a special day with him xx

  2. I love that you call him the Papatron :) xx


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