Friday, 7 June 2013

Mundane Midweek...

Originally, I wasn't going to do this post because... well, I don't know, I just wasn't.

Charlotte at Charlotte's Web came up with the idea, and then Rachael, from Made Up Of Little Things  did it too, and given that I love these two blogs a ridiculous amount, I decided to stop being silly and join in.

The idea is that you just talk about your normal, mundane day. Because we all dress up our lives, and just tend to write about the good stuff, no?

So here is my story of my very average Thursday.

What I wore... blurry photo because I took it at 6:45am. Hush.

As per usual, I got up at 6:15am, showered, dressed, and left at 7:14am. I time my mornings with military precision- if I'm not crossing the last bridge before the A38 by 7:39am, I know I'm going to hit horrific traffic. And yesterday, because I had to stop while a family of cows strolled towards the car looking like they were about to murder me, I lost about 3 minutes on my drive and ended up taking about 25 minutes to do the last 4 miles of my journey (the other 38 miles had taken me about 45 minutes).

Work has been seriously quiet this week, so after checking emails and sorting my life out for an hour, I got bored and ran over to The Other Office (we're split between two buildings) and made myself useful- I got told that I looked tanned and given a brownie in return for my efforts, so I was pretty pleased.

Lunch was disappointing- my work friend S and I went to sit outside in the hope that some nice young men would be playing tennis nearby- instead, we got small children running around screaming (the day before we got cheerleaders making human pyramids in the world's shortest shorts, who made us feel horrendously inadequate).

Then a meeting, where my senior boss turned up unexpectedly, which kind of forced me to actually SAY something (I normally zone out). This is how my contribution to the meeting went:

J- So, to sum up, the AMK/ QMP issue is sorted.
Me-- Um, can I just ask a question? The numbers on the spreadsheet I've been sent do not match up to the numbers on QMP. So I'd say it's probably not sorted.
J- Are you sure? They put different numbers in, but they refer to the same things...
Me- Well, this question is supposed to be about hormones. But that sort of question generally wouldn't start with "You are on an orthopaedic rotation...", would it?
J- Oh. No. OK, so it isn't fixed, and now I'm worried.

My one contribution, and I caused chaos.

So meeting ends, and day ends shortly after. After a very long drive home, Mama CupAndSaucer and I treated ourselves to a Waitrose "Dine in for £10" supper- featuring gruyere and caramelised onion tartlets; steak with veg and rosemary and garlic chips, and apple pie (we saved the wine for today). Mama cleared up (what a gem), and I flaked out in front of the best episode of Friends EVER. This one, to be precise.

From here
And now I'm writing this while I wait for this cake (but as per Sophie's suggestion I replaced the gooseberries with blueberries) to finish baking, and catching up on blogs- because I've been awful recently and haven't read much in like a week. Oops.

You should have seen the sun going down- it was literally an enormous orange ball. This was the best I could get when I ran to the shops to get blueberries.

So maybe my day wasn't COMPLETELY mundane, but let's be honest- it's not the most thrilling day anyone has ever had ever, is it?

How is your week then?


  1. Omg, the crumble cake looks so yummy. Haha, I actually really liked this post, it's great to see what people do as an everyday sort of thing. It's been busy, busy, busy here! Today was the first time I got to relax. Hope you have a lovely weekend! x

    1. The crumble cake is DELICIOUS. I'd certainly recommend it. I know, I love when people just write about the NORMAL things. Hope you have a lovely weekend too, and a relaxing one after your busy week! xx

  2. I have no idea how you get up so early, and that part in friends always makes me laugh xx

    1. Trust me, you get used to it. Not easily, but...! I don't think I will ever get bored of that bit of Friends! xx

  3. Hahaha what a brilliant episode of friends, maybe one of the all time greats!!
    It's always so interesting to hear what happens in other people's days...and I totes understand about the whole work thing...saying one little thing, and causing no end of drama!! Ooops!
    Have a great weekend
    x x x

    1. It really is- normally I find the old ones funnier, but that one is a cracker! I'm glad you can appreciate my chaos-causing nature- I didn't mean to, honest! xx

  4. I was saying the other day that I think that is my favourite Friends episode. You're looking so slinky and grown up in that dress, super glam! I hope you cause less havoc this week :P xxx

    1. It's one of my favourites too! Thanks lovely, I do feel SO grown up in that dress! Thanks, so far, so good! (I'll have jinxed it now) xx


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