Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Mundane Midweek... Part 2

I'm joining in with Charlotte's Mundane Midweek post again this week- I missed it last week, but the week before it was so fun to read about everyone's normal days, rather than just all the exciting things that make me feel like my life is so boring. It's nice to know that everyone has dull days too, you know?

My desk is the one with the banana, water bottle, and DVD boxset. Yup.
Yesterday was pretty uneventful.

Work was actually mental for a change, which will serve me right for saying that I was bored the other day. Seriously. After a nightmare journey in, where I got stuck behind a lorry going across the moor and got to the A38 a mere two minutes after I normally do- but of course, two minutes makes all the difference on the approach to Exeter, and inevitably I got stuck in horrendous traffic. Which was made marginally better by the fact that being Tuesday, I got to sing along to How Do You Like Your Eggs In The Morning.

On my arrival at work, it was panic stations for half of my office, as a very important meeting was taking place at 11am. So I settled into my desk, started checking my emails, and my boss thrust a massive pile of paperwork at me which I spent all day sorting out. At 11am, everyone else in my office left, leaving me alone with my senior manager's adorable dachshund. He sat by the door and whined the entire time she was gone, making me feel like a terrible human being. (Fortunately she was only gone for about 15 minutes)

Lunchtime was fun- I nipped into town to buy a maxi skirt and a cute backpack for next week, then wandered around the beauty section in John Lewis, before returning to have my lunch in this gorgeous location, which is part of my workplace.

Then in the afternoon, I carried on with the paperwork until hometime. But at that point my boss decided that it was a good opportunity to give me a to-do list which will keep me going until the end of time (this is why I shouldn't have said I was bored), and I left late meaning that again I hit terrible traffic- seriously, I left home at 7:15am and got home at 6:20pm. Not fun.

My evening was then mostly spent baking a cake for my first paying customer (!!!) which I am more scared about than anything. I also intended to book my train tickets for Friday, because it would be a bit rubbish if I actually couldn't get to the airport, but didn't actually get around to it. Whoops.

How's your week going then?


  1. Ahhh a paying customer for cake - how excellent! The office dog is adorable, I wish we had one. Bummer about the paper work though! xx

  2. That's always the biggest mistake you can make, saying that your bored at work.
    I did that once and they made me clean every single glass shelf in the place.

    Not cool.

    Leah @ Peaches and Smoke

  3. I used to do cakes, in high school for 4-H. I wasn't too bad at it. I can still manage to do some bare basics once in awhile, but no one really asks me for cakes like they used to many many years ago. lol Now they ask for cookies.

    I got so lost as you talked about getting to work - mostly because I don't live in the UK and I don't live in a big city (well . . . not anymore). But terrible traffic is terrible traffic whether it's America or the UK. And it sucks.


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