Monday, 17 June 2013

Happiness Is... (vol. 20)

Isn't this so cool? It's from here

This last week just kind of ran away from me.

Seriously- all of a sudden I'm going away in less than a week, with silly amounts still to do, and not very much time left to do it in. This week is full of baking, babysitting, packing, and work, oddly enough. But that's good. I like busy, busy likes me, and the holiday should be relaxing and good so all will be well.

But because of my busy-ness recently, I have been bloody awful at keeping up with all of your lovely blogs. I'm really hoping to try to catch up a bit this week- but otherwise, when I'm back I'm going to have a lovely relaxing weekend of sorting everything blog related- including a possible redesign. If you know anyone who is awesome and not too expensive, please let me know in the comments?

But anyway. This week, happiness is....

... writing a bloody awesome pub quiz. Last night I missed a good deal of the #lbloggers chat because I was a) watching the tennis and b) writing a 60-question pub quiz less than two hours before it had to be delivered, with the help of my brother E, and our good friend O. Despite our lateness, we were told that it was a really good quiz, and we all went home with big smiles on our faces.

... girly nights. On Saturday night, I had a girls-night-in with my two besties, LR and C- and it was so lovely. We ate fajitas, had a massive catch up, and watched Crazy Stupid Love, which I would highly recommend if you're looking for a decent girly film. 

.. the hilarious things kids come out with. Seriously. Despite Rachael's best efforts (she's trying to put all bloggers off having children by having a pretty tricky sounding pregnancy), hanging out with my little sister makes me exceptionally broody- if nothing else, because of the brilliant things she says. A highlight from Sunday was her running around singing "Twinkle twinkle chocolate snake!!". Where the hell she got that from I don't know, but I was laughing so hard tea nearly came out of my nose.

... being commissioned to make a cake!! Seriously, I'm so thrilled that a workmate has asked me to bake a cake for her boyfriend's birthday. First time someone outside of my family has asked me to bake something for them!!

Um, wow. From here
... the fact that this time next week, I shall be in Thailand. Just look how beautiful!!

How is your Monday?

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  1. Twinkle tinkle chocolate snake?? That's a classic!

    My sister had Father Joe (who will be marrying her and her fiance next year) over on Friday and my nephew called him Farmer Joe and asked him to read him a farm story! xx


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