Thursday, 13 June 2013

Cookie Monsters

Work has been a bit mental recently.

Not for me- I just get to swim along doing my thing- but for everyone else, this is the busiest time of year. As a result, we're eating a lot of biscuits.

(I'm eating a lot of biscuits just because I like them.)

Seriously- we went through three packets yesterday (between about 8 of us). In my defence, I only ate three- my lovely colleague S ate about 17. And despite all of this biscuit guzzling, I still wanted to make more when I got in. Do you get like that- the more you have of something, the more you want it? I'm certainly like it with chocolate peanuts- I can not eat them for months and months, but then sit a bag of M&S Belgian Chocolate Peanuts in front of me and I'll devour the lot in about 3 minutes. I'm not even joking.

So yeah. I got in, decided to make chocolate chip cookies, and came up with these. The recipe is one I originally saw on A Cup of Jo- you can see it right here. But here is my slightly Anglicised/ Alice-icised version anyway.

You will need...
A big bowl, an electric whisk, a spatula, cling film, a big knife, an oven, baking trays.

110g salted butter, softened
100g soft brown sugar
50g demerara sugar
1 egg
Splodge vanilla bean paste (more on this in a minute)
225g plain flour
1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda
200g chocolate in chunk/ chip format

Start by creaming together your butter and sugars- as if you're making a cake, you want this to be pretty light and fluffy. Then add your egg and vanilla, and beat thoroughly- again, you want it to be all fluffy. 

About the vanilla bean paste- I always use this instead of extract- it adds a much more vanilla-y flavour, and you use way less of it than you do with extract, which means that although it's more expensive in the first place, it's so much more cost effective. I would seriously recommend getting some of this.

Then, if you haven't already, chop up your chocolate- I used Cadbury's because it was on offer and by far the cheapest option- it cost me £2 for 300g this way, instead of £1.79 for 150g buying Co-Op's own brand cheapy chocolate. Yay! I like mine in fairly big, irregular chunks but whatever works.

Fold your flour, bicarb, and chocolate through, mixing until you've got a lovely smooth cookie dough. Then pull out a BIG length of cling film, and pop your cookie dough on top of it, in a sort-of line. Then roll the cling film around it to create a big sausage-y shape, and put the lot into the fridge for an hour. BE PATIENT- THIS REALLY IS A GOOD IDEA. Go and tidy the kitchen and phone your mum/ make her a cup of tea (depending on whether you live with her or not) while you're waiting. Preheat your oven to 180C.

After an hour, unravel the cling film but leave it underneath your dough- like how you started- because it makes it so much easier to tidy up this way. Take a big knife and chop off centimeter-thick "rounds"- if yours stay round, please tell me how, because mine ended up quite squashed looking. If this happens, just reshape them- it doesn't matter. 

Then pop them into the oven to bake for around 12 minutes (I get all precise when baking cookies), or until they look all golden and smell good (or maybe not so precise). These are slightly chewier, slightly cakey almost- if you want to have them more crunchy, leave them in for longer. Wait for them to cool a little before digging in. When they're completely cool, pop them into a tin and hide them from your family.

 I do like this cookie recipe, but I'm still searching for the ultimate most amazing chocolate chip cookies ever. So if you happen to possess said recipe, please send it in my direction.


  1. This looks so delicious! I will have to try it once I fix my oven. Last time I made cookies...... it didn't go well. hahaha

  2. I completely agree with you on the chocolate peanut front. They are just too addictive not to eat all in one go!


  3. oh my god :(
    i want some so bad

  4. Oh my god this looks so good. I've never heard of vanilla paste until now, where did you find it? x

  5. oh they look so good, i could seriously nail the whole batch right now. also, vanilla paste, why have i not seen this before? definitely on the shopping list! x

  6. They look so yummy! I am the worst at making cookies because i'm never brave enough to take them out when they're still a little gooey. I'm too scared!x


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