Saturday, 8 June 2013


Sometimes, I can make a real prat of myself just by opening my mouth. So for your entertainment, here are some recent examples of me being particularly silly when my mouth works more quickly than my brain. Interspersed are some pretty pictures I like this week...

This is what my wardrobe looks like. From here

D: So we were in the middle of a game [paintballing], and all of a sudden this grenade goes off by my foot...
Me: What, a real one?!
O: Yes Alice. He was hit by a real grenade, and is therefore superman.

From here

Me: So it's 7 for 7:30?
Mum: Yes.
Me: But what does that mean? 
Mum: That you have to be there by half past?!
Me: Well yes, I understood the 7:30 bit...
Mum: Well I wasn't sure, you did sound very confused by the concept...!

From here

Me: So it's like the Premier League final could be played at the Stadium of Light?
(Cue hysterical laughter from the four boys I was with and trying to impress. Apparently the Premier League doesn't really have a final, and Sunderland play at the Stadium of Light- which means that even if there was a final, chances are it wouldn't have been played there.)

This one is mine

Man: (gets out of car next to mine in the car park at work) You were having a good sing, weren't you?!
Me: Sorry?
Man: You've followed me for the last three miles- I noticed that you were singing when you started using your steering wheel as a drum. What were you even singing?!
Me: (dying of embarrassment) Umm.... The Candy Man, by Sammy Davis Jr.

This was one of my favourite streets in St Peter Port. From here

I do embarrass myself quite a lot. But here is a final one from someone who wasn't me:

Little L: (tries to speak with mouth full)
A: L, what have we said about speaking with your mouth full?
Little L: (mouth still full) Sorry mummy!!!
(Oh how I wish four-year-olds understood irony....)

Happy weekend everyone! 
Go forth and say ridiculous things, if only to make me feel better about myself.


  1. Giggled knowingly at the grenade one, that's totally me too!! Have a great weekend!! xx

    1. Oh I'm so pleased it isn't just me Meg!!! Thanks, I hope you had a great weekend too! xx

  2. i just laugh reading this. i need this kind of laugh. thank you!!!
    and i love the pictures as well

    1. Glad I made you laugh Niken! xx

  3. Hahaha! Thank gawd it's not just me! I make a muppet of myself all the time! Great read Alice, and lovely pictures too :)

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. Oh I am SO pleased it isn't just me- I really do say some ridiculous things. Thanks lovely! xx

  4. Hahaha, they are some brilliant ones! The grenade one is just brilliant! x

    1. In my defence.... no, there actually isn't a defence for that one, is there?! xx

  5. Gorgeous photos :) I also say stupid things all the time!! Hahaha.

    1. Phew, at least there's another person who does it- really does make me feel better! xx

  6. This post made me laugh so hard!! Thanks for chatting on lbloggers, new follower :) love your blog! x

    1. Haha I'm glad you enjoyed it Amber! And thanks, glad to have you on board sailor! xx


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