Monday, 27 May 2013

Happiness Is... (Vol. 17)

I like this Monday. Mostly because it's a Bank Holiday (though I still woke up at 8:15. That said, that's a two hour lie in so I'm not complaining), but also because it's the 17th Monday after I started blogging, and 17 is my lucky number.

I am definitely appreciating Bank Holidays FAR more now I'm working- a free day off? I don't have to put in a leave application for a long weekend? SOLD. I mean, while you may have complained about school at the time, you get a bloody brilliant amount of holidays- and for that reason alone, I am jealous of teachers (and they definitely deserve all of their holidays from all of what they put in during term-time).

RIGHT. On to the business at hand. This week, happiness is...

... reconnecting with old friends (and making new ones). We had visitors from The North, and over dinner on Thursday night, we worked out that the last time they came to visit was seven years ago. While we have seen them since then (for instance, my brothers, dad, and I ran into them on holiday in Spain a few years back), we haven't all been together in yonks. Also, one visitor brought his girlfriend, who was so lovely and who fitted in splendidly. It was so lovely to see them all, and they've gone back with admonishments not to leave it so long next time.

... the zoo. Oh my god I love the zoo. While the grown ups went for a nice walk on Saturday, the Under-25s decided we would be a bit less adult, and went to the zoo. I haven't been in SO long, and it was a bloody brilliant day. We saw the elephants being fed, a monkey (ahem) "pleasuring himself", and an adorable baby orang-utan. All in all, a pretty good day

... friends doing incredibly special grown up things. Like getting promotions and moving in with boyfriends. And I am not in the slightest bit jealous, because as I mentioned yesterday, I like my stress-free, single existence. Doesn't mean I'm not over the moon for her though!!

... being back in my own bed. Much as I love visitors, I like it when they go and I get my amazingly comfortable bed back. Even better is the fact that that always involves fresh sheets and PJs.

... confirming my status as a crazy cat lady. Mostly because one of the visitors had a phobia of cats, and I was more worried about the poor cat being lonely/ cold/ unhappy if she was shut away from everyone, than the poor girl who was scared of her. Oops.

I mean really... who could be afraid of this?!

What's making you happy this week?


  1. What a great idea for a series. I love the idea that every week has something special and uniquely happy.

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

    1. Thanks Elena- I love doing these posts, they make me really focus on the happy little things! xx

  2. I love the ladybug jim jams!I've not been to a zoo in years, the monkeys always make anything awkward where ever you go x

    1. They are SO old, but I still love them!! I hadn't been for ages- they are SO expensive- but this one is definitely worth the odd visit :) xx


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