Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Baby Animals and Garden Centres

I exercised a lot this weekend. Mostly so I didn't feel guilty about eating chocolate/ cake/ tarte aux baies.

On Saturday morning, I got up and went for a wildly unsuccessful run- I managed a mere two miles, as I got the world's most horrendous stitch- think starting in normal stitch territory, then radiating across your stomach. Bloody hell it hurt. Then I came home and baked for this week's Umbrella Collective challenge. And then did very little else.

To make up for my appalling run, on Sunday morning I swam a kilometer (aka 40 lengths). Which is impressive until you realise that the girl I went with swam FIVE KILOMETERS the day before. I'm not entirely convinced that she doesn't have mermaid blood, to be honest. 

So I get home, feeling pretty good about all my exercise, and mum suggests a wander to the local garden centre- which is about 2 miles away. And who was I to say no?! Particularly when you get these views...

That is a very steep hill. Trust me.
A loose approximation of a "path"- this is wild moorland, after all.
En route, we stumbled across some adorable baby animals- yet another sign that spring has actually come along now. Better late than never, I suppose!!

This little dude had no fear. I was zooming in here, but he just stood there and looked at me. Adorable!

And this little cutie is a Dartmoor Pony foal. Bambi legs, anyone!?
When we arrived at the garden centre, I promptly snapped away at the pretty flowers....

Daisies are such happy flowers (props if you know which film I'm alluding to there...)

.... found the biggest flowerpot I could, and climbed into it.

Sorry it's blurry and for my  terrible hair and complete lack of make up- but I couldn't resist posting this. Just as mum was taking this, a little old lady came around the corner, took one look at me, shook her head, and walked back the way she'd come. For some reason I found this hilarious.

We also bought a blueberry bush which I have named Bertha. The man in the shop told me it would bear fruit this year, and I will have his head on a pike if it doesn't.

Then it was time for a cup of tea and a piece (or two) of cake- it was pretty damn hard to choose between this lovely lot.

Eventually, however, we decided to share the lemon and the choca-mocha (their words, not mine) cakes. Both were stellar.

In other news, my skin clearly loved all this exercise- but now, given that I've eaten chocolate and not exercised, it really isn't very happy with me. Someone remind me to go for a run this evening!?


  1. Even two miles is better than staying at home watching tv, don't feel bad! ;)
    those cakes look amazing. I need more cake in my life...

    1. This is a valid point! Oh I always need more cake in my life- it's a wonder I'm not 28 stone... xx

  2. Oooh! All the fields looks like my part of Wales haha! Loving all the lambs :3

    1. Ooh which part of Wales is that!? I can assure you it's Devon though. I know, lambs are so cute!! xx

  3. I'll admit one of my favourite things is to go for a wander around garden centres.
    I know it's nothing crazy exciting but I'm more than happy to have a relaxed hour there. xx

    1. It is actually really lovely and relaxing! You know, unless you have terrible hayfever.... xx

  4. I spy Banoffee Cake! That is something I so have to make! 2 miles is further then I've ever ran in my life, give me walking and it's a piece of cake. I used to love going to the Garden centres when I was little, I haven't been to one in years. I love that photo of you in the plant pot, it's just brilliant! x
    ps did you see I made a rhyme! You may have it with love

    1. I was so tempted by it! Haha thanks, I could not resist getting in! I did very much appreciate the rhyme :) xx

  5. These are some lovely pictures!

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    xo Michelle


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