Wednesday, 17 April 2013


After the unbelievably amazing responses to yesterday's post, I didn't really know what to write. I was so overwhelmed by people's positive responses, and just couldn't really work out how to follow it. 

I am HUGELY grateful for your kind words. Seriously, I can't even begin to think about how amazed I was- I honestly nearly cried at work when I read some of the tweets (particularly as a result of the #fblchat) and comments people left. I just feel so overwhelmed that something I wrote has resounded with some of you lovely people. All I can really say is THANK YOU, and I'm sending huge amounts of love to you all, particularly those of you who have also struggled with similar things- and as I probably forgot to say yesterday, if you want to talk to me about it, or if anyone has any questions about what I wrote, do feel free to ask. 

Again, because I like this and needed an image. From here
Life lately has been a little busy, for which I am very grateful. I don't do well when I'm quiet. We all know about #projectpudding which took up ALL of my Saturday, but lunch on the Sunday went pretty well too. Little L was on form as usual, bossing everyone around, forgetting to say please, and demanding the "little TV" (i.e. the iPad) in every way she knew how the second her aunts, uncles, and cousins left for the airport. We also learned that she, as four years old, is better at Temple Run than I am. I should probably be ashamed at this, but I'm not.

Sunday night, as always, was given over to the quiz. We came third this week- and I'm still pretty proud of that! However, right as we were saying goodbye to the landlord and lady (who love us), some silly woman from another team told us we were cheating by having 7 people. We told them that as long as the organisers didn't have an issue with it- they didn't- then no one else should care. And let's be fair, that team ALWAYS come last. They wouldn't have won whether we had seven people on our team, or three.

I'm going to leave you with a really inappropriate song. Yes, it's about drugs, but it's ridiculously catchy and it's been stuck in my head since Sunday night when E and O were singing this to the top of their lungs on the way to the pub quiz. And it therefore makes me think of those two, who are two of my absolute favourite boys (though I have a lot of favourite boys!), so that always makes me happy too.

Once again- huge amounts of love to you all , and thank you all SO much.


  1. I love your blog so I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award (sorry if you've already been nominated by someone else). You can find out the details on my post at

    Hope you enjoy taking part.
    H x

    1. Thank you so much Holly! I haven't been nominated before, will definitely try to take part :) xx

  2. I thought your blog post before this was very inspiring, and brave. Well done for having the confidence to talk about it all :)

    also, I love that song!! It's stuck in my head too :)

    1. Thanks Georgia, that really does mean a lot. Haha sorry if I got it stuck in your head- it's only now gone from mine!! xx


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