Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunshiney Saturday

I'm not going to tell you the obvious. We all know that the sun shone in the UK yesterday, and everyone went a little bit mental because of it.

Here (for any of you reading who aren't from the UK and who aren't privy to our very strange ways), the second the sun comes out- be it in December or August- you will find at least one of the following in every town:

- Girl with lily-white legs (or, alternatively, extremely fake-tanned legs) in teeny tiny shorts and a vest top.
- Man in shorts, flip flops, and a t-shirt (I will admit that my ex was one of these. He wore shorts and flip flops all year round. I never understood it)
- Sunglasses, which mean that you can't work out if you know the person behind them or not
- Insane amounts of coupley-couples out on romantic wanders. Vomit. (Bitter singleton? Me? Never...)

But anyway. These things aside, it's always bloody lovely to see the sun, particularly given that his visits are few and far between these days. So I made the most of it.

Starting with going for a run. I was so excited to be outside in the sunshine, I ran my entire 3.08 mile route, rather than having to walk some of it as I normally do.This meant that my "split time" (this is apparently runner talk for "time it took to run one mile") was 8 mins 45 seconds. Shocked isn't even the word for it. 
I also ran my normal cool-down, which meant that I had to finish by walking around the garden a few times much to my mother's amusement.
And because I don't have an iPod, just my iPhone, I took that with me on the run, meaning I could snap a few pictures as I went. I'm just that cool. Fortunately, I didn't take any pictures of myself when I was running- trust me, it isn't something that anyone who doesn't love me unconditionally wants to see.

Pretty views work well at distracting me from the fact that I'm exercising and my lungs feel like they want to explode

After showering and making myself look vaguely presentable, I nipped into town for a few errands (I always think saying that I'm "running errands" sounds incredibly grown up and sensible. Mostly because I had no idea what "running errands" meant when I was little.), namely putting my favourite trench in at the dry cleaners, lusting over books in the local bookshop, and buying a present for my lovely friend whose birthday was three weeks ago. Oops.

I did, however, get rather cross at HSBC- I had a rather pleasant cheque from the DVLA to pay in, and they were the only bank in town not open. Come on- what on earth do they expect full time workers to do, change to another bank which is actually open at convenient times?! 

But I couldn't get properly cross it looked like this outside. Even if the pictures are dull because the sun decided to hide behind a cloud just as I was snapping away...

And when I got back, I decided I still didn't want to stay inside. So I spent the majority of my afternoon chilling (literally. It really wasn't that warm, was it?) in the garden with tea and a book. And Betsy, because I can't go anywhere without her following me at the moment. I'm fully expecting her to come to work with me one day (let's hope it's not on a day when the boss brings in her dog).

Yes, I was wearing socks outside. No, I don't care. It was cold, and I have terrible circulation.

And to top it all off, I got a sunburned nose.


  1. Some of these pictures are beautiful. You live in a very pretty area. Also, I love the series that you're reading. What book are you on?


    1. Thanks! I am so lucky where I live, really don't appreciate it enough. I'm still on the first one, loving it though! Excited to read the rest :) xx

  2. I wanted to read outside too, but there was such a chill around the I just sat in the sun on my sofa :) I was loving the sun though! I see it's tucked itself away again today :( xx

    1. I did get pretty chilly- I had to keep nipping inside to warm up! I know, today it is HORRENDOUS, isn't it?! xx

  3. I'm laughing because the EXACT same scene happens when the sun comes out in the midwest! Glad to see you enjoyed the sunshine - it always brightens the day (literally and figuratively)
    Isn’t That Charming.

    1. That's brilliant- I thought it was just a British thing haha!! Definitely brightens my mood, as well as making everything look much more cheerful :) xx

  4. Your run is so beautiful!! Very jealous! I see a books swap book :P

    Jen | sunny sweet pea xx

    1. I am very lucky to have such a pretty run!! Need to do it more though. YOU DO! Have you started Rebecca yet?! xx


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