Friday, 5 April 2013


I promised in this post that I'd write a full post on the Camel Trail. Well, this is sort of it, and sort of isn't. It's not going to be a full post on the Camel Trail, because I decided that would be boring, and what I really wanted to write about was Padstow.

But really, the main way I tend to get to Padstow (otherwise known as PadStein due to the ridiculous number of Rick Stein establishments in the tiny town) is by bicycle on the Camel Trail. This is a cycle route, which you can take from Bodmin if you're feeling brave and energetic, or more commonly Wadebridge to Padstow. 

This is your route, in a terrible google maps image. If you do it though, you will NOT get lost.

In Wadebridge, park behind Lidl and hire bikes from Bridge Bikes- but in holiday time (i.e. the whole summer) you will need to book. Get a tandem if you're feeling adventurous, or otherwise just get the cheapest ladies'/ men's bike you want. They're all the same, really. 

The follow the cycle track to Padstow. It's about six miles, according to Mr Google, and if you cycle quickly you can do it in 30 minutes- it's all pretty flat so not difficult at all. I remember doing this just after my stabilisers had been removed, so it's definitely suitable for kids (it'll just take you a bit longer). It will also take longer if you stop to take photos of the pretty scenery- here's a sample:

You cycle along the river/ estuary, and it's very pretty.
Therefore you must regularly throw your bike down for photos
When you arrive in Padstow, go past Rick Stein's fish and chips (step one on the Stein Tour)- they're pretty tasty, look! (Though you can get equally good fish and chips for half the price in the harbour)

Me and my lovely friend Alex in 2011. I am tiny, and he is tall. It makes for amusing photographs.

Follow the hoards of people into town- you'll be greeted by this view, but in reverse as you'll come out near the pub at the top right of the picture:

See what I mean about the hoards of people?
 I'd now recommend pottering around town- wander through the back streets, where you'll find more Rick Stein places (including a really cute patisserie, which I actually love), and dogs made out of wellies.

More Rick Stein eateries...

 Once you're done pottering in town, wander up the hill past the mini golf on your left, until you reach the top.  There's a big grassy bank perfect for lounging on with an ice cream/ treat from the patisserie/ pasty, or for rolling down, if you're me.

Carry on up and take pictures on the gate posts: 

 Then you can either clamber down the cliffs to the beach and play there, or head back to town and cycle back to Wadebridge, tired and happy after a pretty cracking day.

On a more personal level, Padstow has a really special place in my heart. Back in 2009  I was having a really, really tough time- which I'll talk about in more detail at another time. I was pretty much flat out refusing to do anything, curling in on myself and my own sadness, and mum decided to drag me to Padstow for the day (picture of me with the long hair and turquoise cardi was taken on that day). And on this day I finally started to turn a corner and feel better about everything. So every time I go there, I feel like I did that day- happy and content with everything. 

So really, Padstow is my happy place.


  1. I wish I didn't live so far away from Cornwall, I've only been to Padstow once (mostly because I think my mum wanted to try and stalk Rick Stein...) but it stands out in my memory as a really lovely place :)
    I love the pic of you rolling down the hill- definitely something I would do ;)
    Kaz x

    1. I go there ALL the time, but have never seen Mr Stein!! I am incapable of sitting at the top of a hill and not rolling down it- it's led to some serious bruises I can tell you!. xx

  2. Looks lovely, just the sort of place I would love to spend my time, it is defintiely going on ym to visit list!

    Lauren x

    1. It's lovely- if you're ever in Cornwall you must go! x

  3. I hired from Bridge Bikes and did this exact cycle! Except unfortunately on returning the bikes my Mum managed to fall over a bicycle - dont ask me how - and broke her ribs meaning we had to go straight home and cut short the rest of the trip!!! Nightmare xx

    1. Oh god, that's a very dramatic end to your trip!! At least it was AFTER your day out though, not before I suppose! x

  4. I love Padstow - we did this cycle path and definately deserved fish and chips at the other end!
    Hannah x

    1. That's the great thing about cycling somewhere- you really feel like you earned your lunch! x

  5. cornwall looks like a really nice place:)and i love your pictures!!

    1. This is a tiny part of it, but in general it is a lovely place. Thank you!! x

  6. Ooh, I did a post about the Camel Trail from my holiday in Cornwall last year! It's here - - I absolutely loved it xx


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