Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Mount Edgecumbe

How is it Wednesday evening already? I could have sworn the week has only just started...

Monday and Tuesday were ridiculously busy at work, and involved a trip to the garage for an oil leak. This resulted in tears over how I was possibly going to collect my car in time for work on Wednesday (cue amazing colleagues dropping me off and getting me out of work at 15:45- thanks guys!!)- I really can be rather overdramatic. And I know the rest of the week is going to be ridiculous too- which can only be a good thing, I want it to be the weekend again!

But on Sunday, I managed to tick one of the things off of my Summer to-do list. Mama CupandSaucer and I took a little trip out to Mount Edgecumbe, a beautiful stately home with wonderful gardens, on the coast just inside Cornwall.

We started off by parking at Devil's Point- I have no idea why it's called that, and can only assume it's something to do with shipping and the area being devilishly difficult to navigate- and wandering around to the Royal William Yard and the Cremyll Ferry. This is by far the loveliest way to get to Mount Edgecumbe- it just feels so charming, for some reason, and is just a lovely extra part of the day. You can drive there by coming up from deepest darkest Cornwall, or from the more civilised part of the world (CORNWALL I'M JOKING) you can drive over the Tamar Bridge and follow the signs.

Dog on the top of the ferry... as you do!

Once we'd hopped off the ferry, we headed straight for the formal gardens... and missed them completely. Instead, we went around the outside of them and wandered along the edge of the coast- it's this proximity to the sea which particularly reminds me of Manderley in RebeccaI think.  

The front lawn... 

Just in case the French try to invade...

Gratuitous picture with a canon... has to be done!

And how stunning is the house? Imagine living there... Apparently, you can get married here and have the reception in The Orangery near the gardens- this knowledge has definitely been tucked away for future use. 


I'd take this as the view from my front door...!
 The grounds are enormous- we didn't wander even a fraction of them, but had a thoroughly lovely day. The formal gardens are absolutely beautiful, and I can imagine that when the weather perks up a bit, the flowers will all be absolutely gorgeous.

The Orangery- isn't it pretty?!

Paths to nowhere...

All in all, it was such a lovely day. I love places like this, and cannot believe that until last summer, I had never been. Seriously- if you're in the area, and are looking for a lovely picnic spot and place to lounge for an afternoon, I can highly recommend Mount Edgecumbe. You'll probably find me there.

And if you get married here, please invite me so I can see how it all works there for myself.


  1. This place looks beautiful. I love walking round woodlands and stately homes, a great way to waste your day away :)

    Also, nice scarf. Bet it cost you a fortune :P


    1. It really is a lovely way to spend a day! HAHAA you know, it was SO expensive I nearly couldn't justify it.... :P xx

  2. Oh, this looks beautiful! I've never been to Cornwall, but we're planning a trip there this summer. I might have to put this on the list! I do love a stately home <3 whenever we visit my boyfriend's family in chesterfield we take a wee trip to Chatsworth. If you've never been, I'd recommend an excursion if you're ever near Derbyshire! Xx

    1. This is right at the edge of Cornwall so is definitely worth a trip on your way to/ from somewhere further in. There are some lovely places to visit though, if you want any tips give me a shout! Oh I would love to go to Chatsworth- I need to visit more places in the UK I think!! xx

  3. What gorgeous pictures! I completely agree with Kirsty about Chatsworth, also beautiful and completely worth the trip. Love the scarf you're wearing btw ;)

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. I'll definitely have to visit! Though it better be worth it, Derbyshire is a long drive :P Haha thanks, it's new... ;) xx

  4. Beautiful day out! Love a good old house to wander around...esp if they have a good tea room attached too! Hannah x

    1. This has two wonderful tea rooms- the Orangery and the Stables, which both serve great cake :) xx

  5. love this pics and also your blog! It's so nice!!! ! I'm thinking, if you want, we can follow each other! It would be great!!
    xoxo Gloria

    1. Thanks Gloria, I'll be sure to take a peek at your blog :) x


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