Thursday, 11 April 2013

Chorizo and Butterbean Stew

It seems silly to be writing a stew recipe in April, but alas, Spring is still hiding, and the April showers are in full force, so sometimes, food like this is exactly what you need.

Once again, I'm probably not being totally accurate with the name. I'm really not sure what actually constitutes a "stew", what makes it a "casserole", and what makes it a "thing-that's-simmered-on-the-hob-for-a-while".

But I've called it stew now, so we'll go with that. Must work on my accuracy.

I first made this in the spring/ summer time last year- it's delicious,pretty healthy, and fantastic for when you've got lots on. It takes around five minutes of prep time, then around 40 minutes of simmering, so it's great for a midweek supper, when you come in from work or the library and don't know what to make, or when you have a million things to do instead of making supper. This is something that you can sort and leave to do its thing while you run around madly being busy, or read blogs, or watch TV. Just give it a stir occasionally and it'll be fine.

When I was at uni, this was a store cupboard supper. I was a terrible student- the two things I always had in the fridge at uni were chorizo, and creme fraiche. And the rest literally are store cupboard items, right?! Or have a got a warped sense of what should be in the kitchen cabinets?
 Don't be put off by the fact that the list of ingredients is relatively long- it's honestly a piece of cake.

For me, this amount served three people.

You will need:

A decent amount of chorizo 
(I'm very sorry, I forgot to weigh it! I used three fresh chorizo sausages that I bought at the farmer's market  if that helps. Otherwise, most of one of the cured rings you get should be a good amount)
One yellow pepper,  sliced
A small onion, sliced
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
A handful of mushrooms (optional)
Chilli flakes
Dried oregano
Salt and pepper
2 tins of chopped tomatoes
1 tin butterbeans (cannellini beans or chickpeas would also work)
A chicken stock cube
Splash of wine (optional)

If you're using uncooked chorizo, you will need to start by sealing it, otherwise all your insides will spill out. Pop your whole sausages into a large saucepan/ pot, with a little bit of oil, and cook for a couple of minutes on each side- lovely orange oil should come out. Then take it out, chop it into chunks, then carry on as below.

If you're using cured chorizo (easier to find), chop it up, pop it into your pan with some oil and your onion and pepper and cook over a low heat until again, lovely orange oil comes out and your onions are nice and soft. Then add your crushed garlic and mushrooms, and cook for a little longer. Stir in your paprika, chilli, and oregano (a good sprinkling of each, or to taste) now and cook for a minute or two- this stops the spices from tasting powdery in your finished dish.

(Just in case you've all forgotten what chilli and dried oregano are. You can put in more than this of either if you want)

Drain your butterbeans, and stir them in along with your chopped tomatoes and a crumbled up stock cube. Add salt and pepper, and a splash of wine if you fancy it, then give it a good stir, and leave it on a low heat to simmer. Stir every now and then, but essentially now you can just abandon it for about 30 minutes, or until it's reached a thickness that you like. If you don't stir it though, you may well end up with stew burnt onto your pan. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Serve with some crusty bread, and a good dollop of sour cream or creme fraiche on top. 

If you wanted to bulk this out a bit more, you could add chicken too- but I chose not to, because I didn't feel the need to. But if you're cooking for a man who needs his meat, then chicken is a good shout. You could also add diced sweet potato and forego the bread, if you wanted it to be totally carb-free (though there is nothing wrong with a bit of carb-age), or have it with couscous.

By the way, I feel this helped me to redeem myself after I ate three hobnobs and two pieces of cake at work yesterday.


  1. Mmmm yummy. It is rubbish that it's still stew weather I agree, but, no point eating salads and feel even colder, may as well feel warm one way or another! We too always have chorizo in the fridge, I'm always looking for new ways to use it so many thanks!!!!! xx

    1. Well today the sun has popped out for a visit, so hopefully we'll soon be in salad weather! That's ok, if you try it, let me know how you get on! x

  2. Oooo looks yummy! I love chorizo! One day the sun will come out, the wind will be gone and I won't need to wear a jacket. Thanks for sharing, will be up for giving this a try x

    1. I haven't worn a coat running from building to building at work this week and it has been AWESOME. You're welcome, let me know how you get on if you try it! x

  3. Chorizo is one of my absolute favourite foods, I'm sold on this! Might just have to make it so I can be full of chorizo and do a happy Kaz dance.
    Kaz x

    1. Happy Kaz means a happy Alice. MAKE IT. You won't regret it! (Another great thing to do with chorizo- fresh chorizo sausages fried, with some caremelised onions, fried halloumi in a HOT DOG. Do it!) x

  4. Mm! Anything with chorizo is automatically delicious :)

    Some Snapshots Blog

    1. Haha so true- it's just so tasty! x

  5. This looks so yummy, I love chorizo! x

    1. It is- you should really give it a try, it's amazing! x

  6. I will definately be making this - chorizo is one of my favourite ingredients!
    hannah x

    1. Then you MUST try it! It's delicious :) Let me know how you get on! x


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