Thursday, 4 April 2013

Bikini Body? I'm Alright With Mine Thanks...

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OK, so that title might not be STRICTLY true- you won't find any pictures of me in a bikini in this post as I actually can't find one- but it's something I'm going with. Bear with me for a minute while I explain/ ramble my way through this post.

It's April. It might currently be freezing, but all of a sudden we're all remembering that that mythical thing known as "Summer" might possibly be making an appearance in the next few weeks. And if you have any trips abroad booked (lucky duck, take me in your suitcase?), chances are you're pretty likely to want to whip your body out.

And because of this, there are thousands of posts swirling around the blogosphere and the internet in general about how to get the "perfect bikini body" (for example, this is Company's offering- which is ironic, coming from a magazine frequently telling you to "love your body"). And if you search the words "bikini body" on the Daily Mail's website (the best example of all of this sort of thing- I am NOT and never will be a DM reader), you get hundreds of articles both lauding and lambasting celebrities for the state of their bodies on the beach. 

The beach. The place we all love, but which also puts the fear of god into us.
This is actually starting to REALLY bother me. And every time I come across another article promising to give you that perfect body, I roll my eyes and say to myself "is being 'fat' really the worst thing that you can be?"

Now I am not saying that you should be vastly overweight. I'm saying that being healthy and happy HOWEVER you are is the most important thing. 

I do not have a perfect body. I have a reasonable body, which I am reasonably happy with- some days I wake up, look at myself in the mirror and go "you know what, I am pretty damn hot" (don't laugh), and other days I look at myself and want to cry at all the imperfections I spy. So clearly, I'm not the best placed person for telling you to "love your body" (god I hate that phrase), but I want to put my two pennies in.

We all know that there is no such thing as a perfect body. Everyone likes different things, right? Everyone has a different idea of what the perfect meal is, and why should we think any differently about bodies? A friend of mine once told me that her really hot guy once told her (keeping up? Good, because I'm not) that it makes him really sad to see girls on the beach who are clearly sucking their stomachs in, stopping them from having fun. So why do we all care so much?! Why do we put ourselves through things like those stupid fasting diets, or ridiculous extreme exercise regimens, or deprive ourselves of the things we love?

God this sounds SO MUCH like one of those annoying love your body articles you see.

Basically, I just don't like it. I don't like the emphasis that gets put on people looking a certain way, and the pressure we as young ladies feel to conform to the supposed ideal. I really really wish we didn't do it. Who says we should look a certain way? Who shows us all these pictures of women who have been photoshopped and tell us we should look like them? Who makes us feel guilty for eating the things we like best? 

We do.

Yes, I have fat days, and yes, right now I'm flat out refusing to weigh myself because I feel like I ate too much last weekend. Yes, I sometimes stop myself from eating things, and do stupid amounts of star jumps to work off that last Malteaser bunny. I will stand as far away from the friend with the killer body in a photo to make myself feel better. But come on people- we're all intelligent (hell, we can work the internet and everything) and really we all KNOW that no one other than the most shallow, ridiculous people will ever think anything of you getting your body out on the beach. It really doesn't matter that much.

So yeah. I'm all for being healthy- go for a run if you want, make sure you get your five-a-day, but if you want to eat seven seriously good brownies (shameless self promotion), it really isn't going to kill you. (Unless you're diabetic, then it might and I wouldn't recommend it).

Just be happy. Like I am in this ridiculous picture:

Before you ask, yes I am aware of how ridiculous I look. It was the night my exams finished, ok!?
Over and out.


  1. There's no ridiculous picture! I agree with you, amazing how magazines tell you to love yourself then a couple pages on it has the ultimate diet/workout to speed you to a bikini body. Ii just try to never judge myself against others (something I used to do all the time as a dancer), and just judge for myself if I need to try and at least eat some veggies and get out and moving. x

    1. There is now!! It has always always wound me up- that and the "love your body!" articles followed by pages of adverts for plastic surgeons. Ugh. Definitely the best way to be- much more important that you like you than trying to conform to some imaginary ideal. xx

  2. I am actually dredding my 2 growing up and what they are going to perceive as healthy. One of my 7 year old friend's is already going round to her mum saying things like "Why aren't I that thin?" or "Mummy, I'm fat" That's not what a 6/7 year old should be saying let alone thinking. The TV/Magazines/Music videos need to change what's on their front covers and the videos (and some lyrics) need ratings. It's taken me a lot to realise to be happy how I am and how I look now and yes I have stretch marks but I can mocking blame my children for that for ever and ever, muah ah ah ah! Now I've come to the conclusion, if I want cake, I'm going to to eat it but be healthy about my diet as well. Essay over

    Rhiannon x

    1. Oh that's so sad!! I know someone who's terrified of their four year old getting fat- when she said it, I nearly had to leave the room I was so angry, because the little girl in question is so NORMAL that there's no need to worry! Exactly- everything in moderation (including moderation!) makes a very happy body. xx

  3. Your blog is such a breath of fresh air. This post made me giggle to myself in my lunch break. So glad I found you in the Blogosphere (hate that phrase too). My issue with my body is that I know what it can be like and I know that it got the way it did because I got lazy and ate too much. I really wish I could be body confident with whatever size I am, but I can't. But I agree with you, I can't stand these magazine articles!! Especially the ones where they clearly speculate how much someone weighs and they must be extremely far out, because they make me feel HUGE!!

    Jen | sunny sweet pea xx

    1. That is such a kind thing to say- you've literally just made my day! I don't think anyone is body confident all the time- but that's the important thing, the confidence, not fitting into a certain mould. I KNOW- they just make me feel like an elephant! Silly magazines- if nothing else, I don't care how much Nicole Richie weighs! xx

  4. hooray the picture is there! I don't think it's ridiculous, looks like you're having a great time :)

    Lauren x

    1. Haha thanks lovely, and thanks for pointing it out!!1 xx

  5. What a lovely post, nice to see something different out there!!! Your so right, the internet is full of negative things about bodies, bikini bodies, ridiculous diets and 'thinspiration' - don't even get me started on that! I worry about my younger sisters who even at the ages 7 and 9 are becoming more and more body conscious every day! Your so right, everyones different and it's about time people appreciate and focus on this instead of wanting everybody to conform to the same thing!!! You go girl!

    Chelsea :)

    1. Thank you- that's a really kind thing to say. Oh god thinspiration is AWFUL. It is horrible to see children being so body conscious though, and that's what got me thinking about it- I don't want my little sister to worry about this, though sadly she inevitably will. x


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