Saturday, 23 March 2013


I've literally just got in from a run. (as in, I'm sat on my bed waiting for the shower to become free so I can go and de-gross myself) This means I'm slightly hyperactive, so apologies for that.

I don't think this morning's run was as good as last week's- for one thing, for half of it I was running directly into the wind, which if you haven't tried, I wouldn't recommend. That said, I still feel awesome, so that's a win! 

This weekend is actually a bit busier than the last couple which can only be a good thing!

Last night I went for dinner at Seco Lounge at the Royal William Yard in Plymouth with people from my old work. I honestly can't remember the last time I laughed as much as I did last night- it was SO much fun, and such good food that I'm going to suggest it as a venue for my friend's birthday meal next weekend.

If you go here, get the tapas. I didn't, and had serious food envy.

I love doing things like that on a Friday night- makes the weekend feel a lot longer, don't you think!?

Today, I have to post a friend's birthday present (it's only like three weeks late, which isn't that bad, right!?), apply for a refund for my tax disk, sort out various other car-being-written-off forms (I promise I will stop talking about this soon!!), go car shopping, and go normal shopping (including buying a book for the book swap which I am so excited about!).

And I have to do all of this before 5pm, as Mama CupandSaucer and I are going for dinner at Prezzo before going to see Birdsong at the theatre. I haven't been to the theatre in a bloody age, and Birdsong is one of my favourite books, so I'm really excited about this. (though as a side note, I was so excited about going for dinner with my old work colleagues I forgot that we had tickets for the same night, and mum had to change them. Oops!!)

I also want to try to make hot cross buns from Bess' recipe. But that may have to wait for tomorrow.

Given that I've got a reasonable amount to do today, I'd best be off. 
What are your plans for today? 

PS- I've also been getting a lot more page views than normal the past couple days. Not sure why, but HELLO everyone!


  1. Aw, thanks love! Very impressed you've been running. The weather turned here about four days ago and I haven't been out since. No thank you. Icy cold snow air? I can't breathe. Shan't. You can't make me... xxx

    1. Any time! To be honest, the weather here really isn't that bad- dry, and pretty cold, but first thing it was actually nearly a normal people temperature. If it was any colder, I wouldn't have been. Icy air is RUBBISH. xxx

  2. Very nice blog you have :)
    The pics are great


    Coline ♡

  3. Yayyy Book swap! Should arrive soon!

    1. Thank you so much! So excited, I'm going to try to pop Jen's in the post on Wednesday! :) xx


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