Friday, 15 March 2013

Under The Weather

I'm not actually ill, I just feel under a cloud because of this silly weather we're having.

I know this is a common thought, but I feel SO much better when the sun is shining.

And I know it's a British thing to constantly talk about the weather, but I was talking with a work colleague who originally hails from Zimbabwe the other day, and mentioned what a beautiful day it was. (Oh how long ago that feels now!) She laughed at me, and said "You know, they say that British people constantly talk about the weather, and it's true, they do- but it's only because the weather here is so interesting!"- and she meant it genuinely, not in a sarky way.

It's true I suppose- we do have interesting weather. I mean this week alone, we've had snow, sunshine, gales, and now pouring rain and mist. Hell, we've had most of that today. You don't really get that anywhere else, and as envious as we may be of Californian sunshine, or Alpine snow, at least our weird and wonderful weather always gives us something to talk about.

(And an excuse to drink a lot of tea.)

That said, I am trying to think of ways that I can entice out the sun, or at least make myself feel better about the fact that it's the 15th March and I don't think we've had more than two consecutive days of sunshine this year.

This is what I've come up with:

- Baking sunshiney things. I made Sweetapolita's Triple Lemon and Blueberry Cake for the Comic Relief Bake Off at work today for the express reason that it's a seriously sunshiney cake, which we all need on a day like today. In case you're wondering, I came second, which I am pretty damn proud of, not going to lie. Pictures of my attempt below- trust me, it looked better in person and the pictures over at Sweetapolita are a WAY better representation of what this cake is meant to look like.

Yes, it was a little wonky. Not as bad as this picture makes it look though...!

- Indoor picnics. So the weather here is rarely nice enough for actual, all day, outside picnics. So when we were little, I remember one day my mum letting us have an indoor picnic- I can't remember why, but I remember it being amazing, and just as fun as an outside picnic. I'm guessing the reason we never really did it again is that crisp crumbs are harder to get out of the carpet than they are to leave to biodegrade on the grass. Throwing a frisbee is optional, but don't blame me if you smash anything.

Image from here
- The Beatles. For obvious reasons, this song is always a firm favourite when I'm in need of some sunshine. It's also my absolute favourite Beatles song- probably because I first heard it in The Parent Trap (cracking film. Lindsay Lohan, what happened?!).

- Someone you love. (excuse me while I go and vomit at the fact that I'm actually writing this) A really cheesy vomity one (Kaz, I got it into a blog post!), but I suppose it's sort of true- being around people you like makes you feel better.

I actually can't think of any more sunshiney things. What a fail. I blame this on the fact that for the past however many years, the little bit of sunshine we've had has always fallen during exam period and I haven't been able to enjoy it. Do you have any more ideas!? Send them this way, please, I might die if we have another rainy day....


  1. I'm swooning at this post, mainly (and possibly only) because you included the Beatles. I love that song, too!!
    Congratulations on the cake - it looks like it was delicious!
    <3 Kiersten

    1. It's such a good song! Makes me so happy, whatever the weather. Thank you, it was pretty tasty even if I do say so myself! xx

  2. I would like some of that cake! Looks soooo good!

    1. Aww thanks!! I'd send some to you, but I'm not convinced it would survive the journey... Sad sad times. xx

  3. Beatles are just awesome. You're cake looks so scrummy! Maybe a sundance should be invented instead of a rain dance, I don't rain, I'm just way too picky over the weather. Duvet days! They are always a winner!

    Rhiannon x

    1. They really are! Thanks, it was pretty tasty :) I am seriously picky about the weather too- whatever we have, I want the opposite. But I'm all for a sun dance!! xx

  4. Yummmmmmy!

  5. Haha! Oh Lindsey Lohan, what a cute child... then life happened. Poor baby, she is such a mess now. That cake too!! It looks so tasty! I could go for that right now while listening to the beatles.

    E x

    1. Oh god I know right!? Such a shame- my friend maintains she was hotter in the Parent Trap than she is now, we keep telling him it's creepy to say that about a then-ten-year-old. Yes for cake and Beatles! I made another one at the weekend, I know what I'll be doing after aquafit... xx


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