Monday, 18 March 2013

Happiness is... (vol. 7)

Things are looking up again, which can only be a good thing!

Last week, my week started with spilling a cup of tea all over my desk- and honestly, this is about as bad as the week got, which is a vast improvement on the week before.

This week, happiness is...

... Tea. 
Tea tea tea tea tea. 
Have I mentioned how much I love tea before? And as a very wise man once said, "There is no trouble so great or so grave which cannot be greatly diminished by a nice cup of tea". Seriously, it makes a huge difference to my mood every time I have a cup. This can't just be me, can it?

This isn't even half of my tea collection, by the way...

... Stopping the petrol pump on a round number. Every time I fill up the car, I try to get it to stop on either 50p or a round pound. But last week, I stopped it on £52.52, which made me happy and eased the pain of the fact I was paying £52.52 for the privilege of driving to and from work for four days before having to fill up again.

... Muddy paw prints on the kitchen floor. Obviously annoying to clean up, but for some reason, I just find them really funny!!

... Getting back into running. OK, so I've done it all but once, but I WILL be running more now the weather is sort of improving and I know I can do it. It makes me feel amazing, so yay for that!

... Extended birthdays. My lovely lovely uni friends sent me this Cath Kidston apron for my birthday- which was in January. I'm not fussed though, it's amazing and it means my birthday has lasted for two months!!! This makes me a very happy bunny.

What's making you happy this week?


  1. You have a lot of tea! Christ I think we only have 2 sorts in the house. Glad to see your week had gotten better though, I love your apron too!

    Rhiannon x

    1. Serious tea addict over here- and like I said, that probably is only like half of it! I go through phases when I drink lots of herbal teas, stock up, and then forget to drink them after about a week....! Thanks, they picked well didn't they?! x

  2. Tea and pawprints! How lovely!! I am made happy by rainy day blanket time, a good book and right now? The smell of chips cooking. SO GOOD. x

    1. Oooh rainy day blanket time would have been lovely today! Work is laaaame. My god I haven't had chips in AGES, and now they're all I can think about haha! x

  3. haha those paw prints are pretty adorable. And extended birthdays are the best!

    1. They were so cute! I love extended birthdays- it's my excuse for always sending people their presents late...!! x

  4. Replies
    1. Miss (Insert surname here) I AM SHOCKED. Think there's something wrong with you. And yay for running, I like the idea of seeing an improvement- but for that, I'll probably need to go more regularly...!

  5. ps. I'm crap at running but I've started properly in the last few weeks and feel so chuffed every time I get better!


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