Monday, 11 March 2013

Happiness is... (vol. 6)

After being really rather miserable last week I've decided this week is when I get my Positive Mental Attitude properly back on track. I got complimented on my positivity at work last week, and I'm not going to let this blog become a place for me to constantly whine.

So, without further ado, here is this week's list.

This week, happiness is....

.... Cuddles like this. Isn't she just the most adorable thing EVER!?

... Impromptu meals out with the bestie. L "popped in" for a bit on her way home from a trip out- this resulted in a trip to the local pub for a LOT of food, including an incredible apple crumble. We consider ourselves to be crumble connoisseurs, so this is high praise indeed.

... Time spent with the grandparents. As my mum was away for Mothers' Day, I went to see her mother. I love spending time with my grandparents- I'm lucky to still have 3/4- and I really must make the effort to do it more often.

... Alone time. I am definitely a social being, and do need to be around other people, but spending a lot of time alone this weekend has been so relaxing. I really must make the effort to make time for me more often! 

... Being in a warm house. As the weather has turned again (seriously Spring, what happened?!), I am perpetually grateful to be in a warm house- winters in cold student houses have made me so thankful for warmth in the winter.

... Fresh sheets. Cannot WAIT to jump into this bad boy this evening. Is there anything better than fresh sheets and clean PJs at the end of a hard day's work?!

What's making you happy this week?


  1. March and mini blizzards?! Madness! Though I'd rather be inside in the warm then out there, plus I'm getting fed up of the snow.
    They are lovely things you've listed, random and unplanned trips out with friends are always some of the best. I am not a cat person but your cat is cute
    Seeing my sisters again was quite nice as I haven't seen them since christmas so it was nice spending time all together again and I think mum can put up with our arguing still

    Rhiannon x

    1. I know, awful isn't it?! It isn't actually that bad here- just absolutely freezing.
      Oh that must have been lovely to all catch up again!! Hahah my mum still gets just as annoyed with our arguing now as she did when we were little... some things never change!

  2. New bed sheets and fresh pjs may well be the best thing ever! Really love this happiness is... list. I'm pretty happy today knowing a work observation is out the way now, so glad I was first, I can't stand waiting and hearing about everyone else's as I wind myself up too much!

    Lauren x

    1. They really do make even the worst day seem better! Oooh glad your work observation is done, I'm sure you did brilliantly! x

  3. cuddling really really really is the best thing ever! especially those fluffy cuddles. they are made of love.

    1. Oh so true- fluffy cuddles are the best. Even more so, given that they're basically a furry hot water bottle! x

  4. Can I just tell you how much I love that you put "Fresh Sheets" in this list? So, so true!
    Isn’t That Charming.

    1. It really is- fresh sheets are one of the most underrated things in the world ever. x


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