Thursday, 7 March 2013

À Ce Moment...

À ce momen't, je suis... 

(OK, that's enough French for now. At the moment, I am...)

Monday morning, such a pretty sky that I couldn't capture it properly.
.... Making far too many chocolate cupcakes. Car accident= stress, stress= baking. Work are benefiting from this. My waistline is not.

.... Loving EmilyEmma, and Bess' blogs (and the ladies behind them, obv. Even though I don't actually know them. This is now making me sound creepy. Soz ladies!)

.... Dreaming of Easter. Other than the inadvertent day off after my little car accident and some time off for interviews, I haven't had any time off since Christmas. And since then, I've started a new job, which is always stressful. Do you think I'm allowed a long weekend now?!

... Potentially developing feelings for a new person. Interesting.

... Dying for a little more sunshine. We had a little glimpse of it on Tuesday, but Mother Nature has decided that that was enough and we've now got rain. That's our summer done, you realise.

... Looking for a new recipe. I'm entering a Bake Off for Comic Relief at work next Friday. I'm planning on making this lemon and blueberry cake, but if anyone has any other recipes, send them in on a postcard! (or in the comments section/ via twitter/ email/ whatever works for you)

.... Trying not to spend money. But I keep buying baking ingredients (see first point) and falling in love with clothes. Deary me, will I ever learn? Nope...

.... Feeling good about my swimming pace. I swan 30 lengths in less than 30 mins in my lunchbreak on Wednesday (granted, it's a 23m pool but hey, it's better than nothing!), even though I stopped after most lengths because a) my goggles were being stupid and b) my swimming costume was being ridiculous.

... Being inspired by Taylor's post and trying to stop worry about the little things. My dad is a big fan of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and there is one bit which talks about focusing your energies. The author says that all the problems, challenges, and issues we face fall into two circles- either the Circle of Concern or the Circle of Influence. Apparently, the most proactive and successful people only worry about the things they can actually influence. I think this is a good idea, and I'm definitely going to try to do this more. Starting with trying to stop comparing myself to my friends who left uni a year before me, and are therefore a year ahead in their careers right now. Can't do anything about it, so shouldn't worry.
To be honest, my life is pretty quiet at the moment. Which is nice in some ways, dull in others. I have some nice weekend plans though- including seeing my grandparents on Sunday because of Mothers' Day and the fact the Mama CupandSaucer and her sister are going on a jolly to London for the weekend, so won't be seeing their mother. What bad children they are.

I want to live vicariously through you lot. Tell me something fun you're doing this week please?


  1. Aww beb, can't believe you had a car accident! Hope you feel better soon! When I'm stressed I go usually consume cups and cups of tea!


    1. Thanks, feeling much better about it all now! Haha that too- I bake whilst drinking tea! :) x

  2. Sorry had to laugh at the "work is benefitting from this. My waistline is not" bit. I'm a sucker for buying baking items too, I see pretty cases or new decorations and straight away I have this "IT MUST BE ALL MINE!" attitude... ahem. Anyways home you're feeling a bit better after your accident

    Rhiannon x

    1. Hahaha I'm the exact same- I have a massive box of baking stuff, and am trying to persuade mum to let me clear out a cupboard in the kitchen for me to have as my baking cupboard! Feeling much much better thanks lovely :) x

  3. I bake when I'm stressed too! But my husband doesn't have a sweet tooth so I end up eating ALL OF IT. Not good!

    1. I would LOVE to have an excuse to eat all of it! Instead I tend to farm it off on other people- my brother, his friends, my friends, work colleagues... Next step is giving it to the neighbours I think! x

  4. Beautiful post and photo!


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