Thursday, 7 February 2013

Yellow Roses

I got bought flowers today! Yellow roses, to be precise.

While I love all flowers (though particularly alstroemeria and tulips, if anyone asks), I am normally not a huge fan of roses. But these are so pretty and cheerful, I loved them immediately.

I have only been bought flowers once before in my whole life. They were from a friend, who knew that I was having a really tough time and thought they might cheer me up (they did).

Now sadly these are not an early Valentines surprise from a sweet boyfriend or secret admirer (I have neither, to the best of my knowledge). They were a "thank you" from a work colleague who I've been helping on a project. I'm leaving my current job next Friday, and I won't see this person again before then, so he gave them to me today. 

I was so thrilled, and everyone in the office was seriously jealous.

As soon as I got home I popped them into my favourite vase, and now they're sitting in pride of place in the middle of the kitchen table making me smile every time I go to top up my cup of tea.

What do you think of my lovely roses?


  1. I love yellow roses! Yellow is my favorite color... good choice, lady! Very cheerful indeed!


    PS: I'm hosting a print giveaway and thought you might like to enter!

    1. I love yellow too(I used to have a bright yellow bedroom- no joke)- it's the cheeriest colour on these dark winter days, don't you think?! x

  2. Love yellow roses, so pretty.

  3. Here's to more flower deliveries in your future. The gesture really does leave quite an impression on the recipient!

    1. I hope so :) It really did- such a simple thing, but so sweet and thoughtful! x

  4. Yellow is my fav colour too! Yellow roses and daffodils are my fav. I too had a yellow bedroom as a teenager! It brings in the sunshine on a drab day.
    I've just come across you blog recently, and starting reading from the beginning - so far so good!


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