Thursday, 14 February 2013

On Love, Valentine's Day, and Singledom

I think we should reclaim Valentine's Day.

Beautiful picture from Kelsey's Kitchen
I understand the tradition of it- that Saint Valentine was a Roman priest who was killed for marrying Christian couples, and the idea of writing love notes comes from the last letter he wrote to his love, which he supposedly signed "Your Valentine". But I think that rather than being a day where we celebrate our love for another person (which realistically, we shouldn't need a specific day to celebrate), we should celebrate our love for ourselves.

My now-ex broke up with me back in October. It was a massive shock to me at the time (but in hindsight I don't really think it should have been), and friends were wonderful to me- seriously, seriously wonderful. But something that friends, strangers, colleagues, family, everyone kept saying to me is "Don't worry, you will find someone else".

I mean duh, look at me, I'm awesome!  
(totally kidding here, by the way!!!)

No, it actually really irked me. Because as this brilliant article rightly says, we should not be tying our self worth to the idea that someone else loves us. We are brilliant all by ourselves, whether we are in a relationship or not (because let's remember, that when we're in a relationship, we are still our own person).

So yeah. As the poem at the end of this post (which is one of my favourites) rightly says, we sometimes need to get back to ourselves, and love ourselves, before, during, and after we love someone else.

So today, on this day which is all about love, can we all try to please be nice to ourselves? Treat yourself to that bouquet of flowers, make yourself a beautiful dinner, and if you have someone to share it with, amazing.

But if not, really, who cares?

My own terrible photo. Forgive me, as always.


  1. Such a cute valentines post!

    A little bit Unique


    Oh and I'm running a giveaway, if you want to pop over and have a nosey! Giveaway here

  2. Those little biscuits are adorable.

    Lovely inspiring post on love :) x

    1. Aren't they just?! I'm definitely going to have a go at making something similar soon. Thank you so much! x


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