Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Little Quirks

I saw a post about quirks over on Megan's blog yesterday, and loved it, so thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and join in.

I know there have been loads of "50 things about me" posts going around recently, so I'm probably a little late to the party. But for some reason the idea of going with "quirks" rather than a huuuuuge list of random facts
(though to be completely honest, I LOVE reading everyone else's. I'm nosey like that)

Picture from my friend's 21st, in 2011. Yes, that is a Twister bouncy castle.

So here are some of my little quirks! 

1. I HATE not having my toenails painted. It makes me feel so weird, my toes just feel sort of... naked?! I don't know. I also hate not wearing eyeliner. 

2. I constantly make wishes. At 11:11, on stars, on lost eyelashes, when a rainbow appears, when I see a single magpie (yes, I am aware that you should just salute at them, but I make wishes, okay?!)

3. I am a full on morning person. Think singing, dancing around the kitchen, and pretending to use apples as grenades (my brother was using a banana as a fake gun).

4. I find lunch a very stressful meal. I never know what to have, particularly at work. Soup is great, but my new office doesn't have a microwave (sob sob), so I have to take other things. And coupled with giving bread up for Lent, my goodness it's hard to think up yummy things to take. Do you have any ideas?!

5. If I have a spare five minutes, particularly if I'm waiting for something, or if I'm bored, you're likely to find me making paper cranes. I learnt to make them one summer, and have never really stopped...

Yeah, so I need to dust the top of my computer...

Have you done a post like this? Pop your link in the comments section, I'd love to have a look!


  1. I love this - so much more interesting that a bunch of random facts!
    <3 Kiersten

    1. Thank you lovely! I like both- but the idea of quirks just appealed to me more I suppose! x


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