Saturday, 2 February 2013

Coffee and Ducklings

I went for a coffee with a friend today... Generally my poison of choice is tea, but sometimes a flat white is just what you need, particularly after a really long week at work. And when topped off with excellent company and two muffins (we shared, honest!), it's the perfect start to a lazy weekend. 

And what makes a lovely coffee date even better? 


As we strolled back to the car along the canal, we heard a couple of people chattering about the ducklings they'd just seen. Now we are not the sort of people who pass up an opportunity to see some cute baby birds, so we went on a duckling hunt- and found them.

We spent about fifteen minutes chasing them up and down the wall, and this was the best picture I got. My apologies, I'll be working on my photography skills!

Sadly, since I got home I've been on a serious caffeine crash which resulted in a hour long nap at 5pm. Oops, clearly I won't be sleeping until some silly time in the morning...

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